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Get ready!

Positive enrolment begins March 2023.

We’ll contact you directly when it’s time to complete the process.

What you’ll need to complete positive enrolment

  • Your eligible dependants’ information including their date of birth

  • Your banking information to set up direct deposit

  • Information about any benefits:

    • Your spouse or common-law partner has through their employer
    • You have through another employer

Public Service Health Care Plan forms

PSHCP Application for Dependant with a Disability Coverage form

If you have completed positive enrolment and are applying for coverage for a dependant with a disability for the first time, the Application for Dependant with a Disability Coverage form will be sent to you. If you have a dependant child with a disability enrolled with Sun Life, this information will be transferred to Canada Life. No further action will be required if the eligible dependant was already in Sun Life’s system.

Get ready to complete positive enrolment for your Public Service Health Care Plan administered by Canada Life

When your Public Service Health Care Plan moves to Canada Life, you’ll be issued a new plan number based on your birth month.

Here’s why your plan number is important.

  • Starting July 1, 2023, you’ll need to provide your new PSHCP benefit card (with your new plan number) to your pharmacy and your registered health care providers so they can submit your claims to us electronically.
  • Your new plan number is required to submit claims for all your eligible dependants.
    • If your spouse or common-law partner is also covered under the PSHCP as a member, you both could have different plan numbers depending on your birth month. Take note if they have a different plan number to ensure claims are submitted accurately.
If you were born in Your plan number will be You’ll be contacted directly by us to complete positive enrolment
January, February, March 52111

Late March 2023

April, May, June


Early April 2023
July, August, September


Mid April 2023
October, November, December


Late April 2023

The plan number will be 52115 for eligible and surviving dependants (spouse or eligible children)

Introducing MSH International

MSH is your new Public Service Health Care Plan out-of-province emergency travel assistance and comprehensive coverage provider. More information coming soon.  

We’re glad you’re with us

We’re excited to become your new Public Service Health Care Plan administrator on July 1, 2023. 

You’ll soon get to enjoy Canada Life’s tools, resources and support that make it easier to submit claims.

  • Go paper-free – complete your positive enrolment online

    The Government of Canada and Canada Life are working on going green with their operations to preserve and protect our planet for future generations. You can help reduce paper waste by doing all your PSHCP correspondence online. 

    If you receive your enrolment package in the mail, you can choose to complete your positive enrolment online by following the instructions provided.

    See below for how going paperless will help you manage your personal information, submit claims and receive your reimbursement faster than before.

  • NEW – Provider eClaims

    Effective July 1, 2023, registered health care providers will be able to submit your claims electronically for you on the spot. Simply show your PSHCP benefit card, just like as you would at the pharmacy.

  • Direct deposit

    Have your benefit payments deposited directly to your bank account – reducing your out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Stay connected online

    Save time by going online – where you can easily manage your health benefits, check your coverage balances, see your claim statements, keep up to date with bulletins and update your personal information when and where it’s most convenient for you.

Frequently asked questions (general)

Frequently asked questions (positive enrolment)