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Investment options

Find all the information you need to invest right here

If you’re already enrolled in the Engineers Canada – sponsored Financial Security Program, you can find the investment options when you sign in to GRS Access.

Investment fund options

For hands-off investing

Think of Fidelity ClearPath® Retirement Portfolios as an investment option with your retirement year in mind. Just pick the target date fund that’s closest to the year you’d like to retire. 

For hands-on investing

Our extensive investment menu gives you choices so you can create a diversified portfolio tailored to your goals and needs. You can select investment options based on your investment personality.

Investing with confidence

If you need more information to choose your investments or understand how they work , you'll find it here. Here are some resources to help you choose and monitor your investments.

Manage risk by diversifying

All investments have risk; just some have more risk than others. Manage your exposure by diversifying your investments across different levels of risk within your plan.