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Boost your financial future. You’ll be glad you did.

Participants of the Engineers Canada - sponsored Financial Security Program use My Canada Life at Work to manage their plans.

  • Sign in using the guest ID “Canada” and password “Site1234”.
  • Select “enrol” to register for the program.
  • Use the steps outlined below to enrol today! 

Before you begin: Make sure you have your social insurance number (SIN) handy.

  • After clicking the “Enrol now” link, sign in using the guest ID “Canada” and password “Site1234”
  • Select “enrol” to register
  • Select “Get started”

Getting started

  • Tell us a little about yourself, create your access ID and password and select your security questions. 
  • Provide your SIN.

Pick a plan

  • Choose your plan. If you’re unsure which plan you need, book a session
    with a health and wealth consultant to discuss what will work best for you! 


  • Your saving goals are unique. Read on to find out how to contribute to your plan.
  • Use our calculator to see how your contributions will affect your retirement income    


  • There are 3 ways to select your investments:
    • Option 1 provides a hands-off investing approach. Choose a fund based on your desired retirement date.
    • Option 2 provides an investment recommendation based on your investor type.
    • Option 3 lets you take an Investment personality questionnaire, after which  an investment will be recommended.
  • Read the investment descriptions carefully and choose what’s right for you. However, you can always change this later. You can also take an Investment personality questionnaire at any time on the Engineers Canada-sponsored Financial Security Program Infosite.     


  • While optional, naming a beneficiary helps ensure your plan proceeds go where you want them to in event of your death. If you don’t name a beneficiary, the proceeds may go to your estate and could be subject to probate/estate administration taxes.

Review, submit and save

  • Review the details you provided and make any necessary
  • Select “Submit” to confirm your application. You may also save a PDF summary for your records.
  • You may enrol in more than one plan if you wish.


  • With your enrolment complete, sign up for My Canada Life at Work to manage your plan.

Once the plan administrator approves your enrolment, you can use My Canada Life at Work to view and manage your group savings plan online. Please note, the approval may take 2 to 3 business days.

Before you begin: Make sure you have the access ID and password you used to enrol.

Sign in

  • Use the access ID and password you used to enrol to sign in.
  • Once you see the welcome message, select “Get started” to begin!

Add personal details

  • Enter your first and last name, then create a username with a personal email address.
    We recommend you use a personal email address you always have access to instead
    of a work email address.
  • You’ll receive an email to confirm your email address.

Identity verification and security

  • Verify your identity by entering your personal information as it appears on your savings account with Canada Life.
  • If you opt to set up 2-step verification for enhanced security, we’ll email you a 5-digit code each time you sign into your account or change your password.

That’s it!

  • You now have access to My Canada Life at Work to manage your plans in the Engineers Canada-sponsored Financial Security Program:
    • See your savings summary overall and by plan type
    • Set up online contributions
    • Change your investment instructions
    • Set a retirement savings goal
    • Access additional resources such as Health Connected and Workplace Strategies for Mental Health
    • And more!

Need assistance with enrolment or have questions about the plan?

Contact a Health and Wealth Consultant today!

Explore all of the options available to you on My Canada Life at Work