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How an investment and retirement specialist can help

Angela Harvey is the investment and retirement specialist dedicated to participants of the financial security program. She can help you:

Create a plan

Decide how much to save, ways to combine your savings and do any fine-tuning as life changes.

Invest wisely

Explain your investment options and work with you to understand your comfort with risk.

Retire with confidence

Create a retirement income strategy to help you make your money last.

I provide sound, objective guidance and investment education. If you’re nearing retirement, I’ll help you create a retirement income strategy that fits your needs and maximizes your income.

Angela Harvey, CFP, FLMI, Investment and retirement specialist


1-866-788-1293 ext.5786                                     



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Want to enrol and become a participant?

Participants of the Engineers Canada - sponsored Financial Security Program use use Canada Life’s GRS Access website to manage their plans. If you haven’t joined the program yet, you can still explore its many features. 

Canada Life is a leader in the Canadian group retirement marketplace.

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