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Your Canada Post Defined Contribution (DC) Pension Plan, administered by Canada Life.

Canada Post has partnered with Canada Life to provide you with many convenient solutions and services to help you achieve your health and wealth goals. As a DC component member, you're responsible for reviewing the details below and taking some important first steps to ensure your DC Pension Plan is set up to meet your specific needs and goals. Review the information and resources below to complete your enrolment.

Step 1: Register for My Canada Life at Work

Register on My Canada Life at Work, your member website for both your savings and health benefits Plans. You can complete your enrolment, manage your retirement savings and submit your health claims in one location. Sign in to My Canada Life at Work to complete the important steps listed below.

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Step 2: Designate your beneficiary

Survivor benefits are payable to your designated beneficiary. You can designate anyone including your spouse, children (even if they're not of legal age), other individuals, or legally constituted organizations. If you don’t designate a beneficiary, survivor benefits will be paid to your estate.

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Step 3: Make your investment selection on My Canada Life at Work

There are two easy ways to invest.

  • Select a target-date fund, a managed pool of pre-mixed investments that adjust to be less risky over time.
  • Build your own asset mix by choosing from a range of funds.
Your investment guide | PDF 6984 kb

Set your goals

Canada Post automatically contributes 2%* of your earnings to your Pension Plan.  When you maximize your contribution, Canada Post matches your money based on your age and years of service. The table below shows the additional savings you're entitled to from Canada Post :


Age + years of service =

Canada Post contributes 2% of your earnings plus...

Less than 35

75% of your contribution

Between 35 and 44

100% of your contribution

45 or more

125% of your contribution

*This is applicable for members eligible for pension on or after Jan. 1, 2013.

Make an appointment that works for your schedule.

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Curious about how our health and wealth consultants can help?

Watch this short video about the experience. 

How to register for My Canada Life at Work

Get step-by-step instructions on how to register for My Canada Life at Work.
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Welcome to your Canada Post Corporation retirement program

Learn more about your Canada Post retirement program and the tools and resources that are available to you.

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